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LYRICA® and LYRICA®CR (pregabalin) and (pregabalin extended release tablets) Manufacturer of this drug is Pfizer

At the point when an assault of epilepsy happens, an individual loses awareness and tumbles to the ground, the body issues, and the head and appendages start to shake. This is an endless irresistible infection of the sensory system, is certifiably not a dysfunctional behavior, portrayed by a turmoil of the cerebrum. It is innate and isn't transmitted through contact. In 90% of cases, it creates in adolescence, frequently because of wounds or neuro contamination.

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Lyrica is the brand name for pregabalin, a medication used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic (nerve) pain, fibromyalgia, and generalized anxiety disorder (off label).

In past centuries, people reacted much more easily to the hardships of life than they do now. Time does not standstill. Constant changes and unstable life situations drive a person into a blind corner. A fairly new drug, Lyrica, will help you cope with anxiety. Lyrica medicine is a modern medicinal product that belongs to the group of antiepileptic and anticonvulsants. The main active substance is an analog of gamma-aminobutyric acid. When binding to the subunits of the calcium channels of neurons, the action of the drug occurs. The active component can penetrate barriers and enter breast milk, which prohibits its use during lactation. A feature of this drug is the development of drug dependence.

Buy Lyrica Online

What is “Lyrics”

Medical use of pregabalin Indications for use Lyrics: the presence of anxiety; myalgia; fibromyalgia; diabetic neuropathy; postherpetic neuralgia; chronic muscle pain and bone ache; epilepsy.

The drug Lyrica is used in neurology as an antiepileptic agent, has a pronounced analgesic and anticonvulsant effects. It is indicated for use in the presence of pain of neuropathic origin in complications of diabetes, the presence of fibromyalgia, problems with sleep disorders and generalized anxiety disorders.

The use of Lyric in epilepsy during treatment led to a significant reduction in the episode of seizures. In the composition of the drug Lyric active substance is represented by pregabalin in combination with auxiliary components. It has remedies for epilepsy effects due to the ground substance, which is similar to GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) neurotransmitter in brain tissue. In the patient's body, pregabalin is capable of connecting to subunits of protein molecules in the area of special calcium channels. This forms an irreversible substitution of 3N-gabapentin. Due to this effect shows analgesic and anticonvulsant effects.

Forms of release and composition of the drug

Lyrica is produced in gelatin capsules that contain a white powder. The caps of the capsule are colored dark red and white. At the same time, depending on the dosage, capsules can be either with red and white caps or only with red or only with white ones.

The dosage of the capsules is engraved in black ink on one lid, but the second, also in black ink, is labeled "Pfizer". This inscription symbolizes the name of a pharmaceutical company.


Side effects of the drug Lyrica

Improper use, abuse therapeutic dosages cause the like sensations created by heroin. This is due to its effect on opioid receptors.

Features of treatment with the drug "Lyrics"

Features of treatment with the drug "Lyrica" Pain has no place in our lives, it is not necessary to endure. But if the cause of the pain is serious, it is not easy to get rid of such feelings. For example, neuropathic pain is not eliminated by taking conventional painkillers. But pills "Lyric" in this case will effective. And their price? And how to take the drug?

Action of preparation

The drug "Lyrica" as the active substance contains pregabalin. This component is an analog of gamma-aminobutyric acid and can bind to the calcium channels of neurons.

As a result of this exposure, calcium transport to nerve cells becomes less active, leading to the fact that pain neurotransmitters begin to be released in smaller quantities. It turns out that there is a selective suppression of the impulse.

But the excitability of neurons active substance of Preparata "Lyrics" is reduced only in case of pathological conditions, during normal operation, the proposed changes are not observed.

The price of the drug is considered to be quite high, but it is fully justified by the effectiveness of this tool. It has not only analgesic effect, but also anticonvulsant, which makes it advisable to use epilepsy to suppress seizures. Also, "Lyrics" allows you to get rid of the most complex type of pain – neuropathic.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Japan Inc. (the Japanese division of the American Pfizer Inc.) received approval from the Japanese regulator for the marketing and production of the drug Lyrica (pregabalin) in the form of tablets for resorption at a dosage of 25 mg, 75 mg, and 100 mg, according to FirstWord Pharma.

Lyrica in absorbable tablets, as well as Lyrica in capsules, will be jointly sold in Japan by Pfizer and Eisai.

One of the indications for the use of Lyrica is neuropathic pain, including postherpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, sciatic neuralgia, as well as pain resulting from spinal cord injury.

Resorption tablets are a more convenient form of the drug for elderly patients.


Instructions for use means has data on a specific effect. So, after entering the digestive system, the components begin to be absorbed almost immediately.

After taking the maximum concentration of the active substance in the plasma is observed after about 1 hour. The bioavailability of the product is approximately 90%. This means that 90% of the substances get to the right place and have the necessary impact. It is worth noting that in the case of eating at the same time with the use of means of absorption of substances becomes less effective.

Thus, the concentration of components in the blood is reduced by 15-25%, also, the substances reach their maximum amount not in an hour (as when taken on an empty stomach), but in 3 hours or more.

The agent is almost fully excreted by the kidneys together with urine, only a small part is metabolized in the liver. The active ingredients can penetrate breast milk in the case of lactation, as well as through the placenta in the amniotic fluid.

How to Take Lyrica?

Lyrica medication is taken orally. Tablets shouldn't be beaten. It's taken, paying little regard to sustenance, anyway progressively suitable on an empty stomach. The estimation is picked independently by the going to a specialist, which depends upon the characteristics of the patient, the nature of the infection and the course of the affliction. The ordinarily recommended doses are 75 mg multiple times each day for neuropathic torment, epilepsy. A part can be extended to 150 mg if essential, also multiple times each day. In case the patient is lazy to the action of the prescription, or he has a genuine case, by then the fundamental estimations are 150 mg of the medicine, which by then duplicates.

The break between each part increase should be on any occasion seven days. The most outrageous sensible step by step segment is 600 mg. The length of treatment depends upon the feasibility of the treatment. It is hard to drop the drug distinctly - the estimations are well-ordered reduced, decreasing to zero. For patients with issues in the renal system, the estimations are resolved to subject to the level of creatinine room. The lower the ml/min extent, the lower the step by step and beginning measurements of the prescription.

At the point when it's recommended to more seasoned patients, it is important to check crafted by the kidneys to distinguish the correct dose, which will be sheltered and powerful. In average condition, the bit is supported proportional to other individuals. Cases of medicine overdose are not delineated. In exceptional cases, responses may increase.

Method of application

The drug "Lyrics" is available in the form of capsules, coated. The volume of one capsule can be different (25 mg, 150, 75 and 300 mg), as well as the price per package. They need to swallow whole, squeezed enough fluids (better normal water). Chew the tablets should not be.

The user does not depend on the meal, but it is best to drink the tablet before or after a meal, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the drug. The daily dose of the drug "Lyrics" may vary within 150-600 mg (no more). The course of treatment is determined by the doctor and depends on the specific disease and its severity.

First, the doctor will prescribe a minimum dose (150 mg) to assess the effectiveness and tolerability of the drug, then in the normal state of the patient, he will increase the dose. Concerning the termination of prima, the sudden removal of unwanted. It usually takes a week for a complete withdrawal.

How to use: in the first week, 150 mg per day is prescribed (this amount should be divided into 2 or three doses).

How to display Lyrics from the body

To remove pregabalin from the body, it is first necessary to completely stop taking the drug. The next and most important step is detoxification, i.e. cleansing the body of toxins and pathogens. The most effective detoxification procedure will be carried out in a specialized institution. If it is impossible to contact the experts to expedite the process of removing the Lyrics from the body possibly at home. Independent cleansing of the body should be carried out at least 5-7 days, relief will be noticeable on 3-4 days.

Lyrics, despite the fact that it is a medicine, very quickly causes a strong addiction. The narcotic effect of its reception occurs due to the occurrence of side effects, but in addition to the pleasant effects, accompanied by a lot of negative. Regular intake of pregabalin contributes to many negative consequences, often leading to death.


  • "Lyric tablets are an excellent anesthetic, but it is used for pain of a neuralgic nature and, of course, according to the doctor's prescription, the effect of anesthesia lasts up to 8 hours. These pills were prescribed to me by a neurologist when I had very severe pain associated with a pinched nerve. The leg hurt so much that it was impossible to sit, stand, lie down, woke up at night with pain. Simple pain pills didn't help me. Or rather, they only eased the pain. My dosage was two capsules twice a day. I saw them only two days, then the leg didn't hurt anymore."
  • "I took a doctor's prescription for 7 days with problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Withdrawal syndrome was given to me not easily - no wonder they write that the lyrics are addictive. I "hooked" literally from the second capsule. A few days after the cancellation, I just wanted to drink a capsule in the evening, because I had a headache, a broken state and some apathy to life. But gradually "fever" passed and I forgot about these pills, as about a bad dream."
  • "It is a cure for one ailment, but a very serious poison for all other ailments. Because this drug has a lot of contraindications. It's bad for the kidneys, especially the liver. Pain, of course, very good shoots - that there are no claims, but harm carries a significant."

Pharmacy Author: Dr. Sharon Orrange (Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Division of Geriatric)